Thursday, October 7

Plastic Boxes

Today was tough at work. My hands are proof to that.

Today at work my (and my co-workers') job was to assemble 520 (I think is was only 520) plastic box displays for these perfume box samples/gift cards. And lemmetellyou the plastic can cut you! I think I may desparetly need an at-home manicure this weekend to make up to my poor hands. My cuticles... I have never seen so dried and worn. I have a whole new understanding of manual labor.

Okay, back to this quick-ish posting. This will be my first attempt to recreate what I oh-so-love about all the fashion blogs that I follow. This is my fashion post.

Head to Toe:
Scarfs: Black H&M scarf; White Scarf from I don't know
Top: Yellow Cardigan from Urban Outfitters; Tank from Forever21
Skirt: High-waist and belted shorts from H&M; Tights from I don't know
Shoes: Black shiny flats form Nine West
Jewelry: Faux peral earrings probably from Forever21

Location: Mi casa

Music: or rather sound coming from my amor's playstation

Extra: I checked off everything on my to-do list today Yay :-)

Thanks for reading :~)

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