Sunday, July 17

Been A While


So, having this real adult job takes a lot more time that I thought.  Work has been so busy, I have to admit that my outfits got a bit boring... not worth taking pictures of not-so-cute outfits :-P

It was nice to have a comment from my friend Meri demanding that I post more.  So, I will be making more of an effort to take pictures and wearing cute outfits to work :-)

These were taken yesterday. This was quite a comfortable outfit and great for the mall.

On a side note, I am excited to say that I have a photography book and I am hoping that reading this will help to take much better photos.

Head to Toe:
Top: Blazer - Thrifted from my style guru friend Liz and black racerback tank from Forever21
Bottom: Boyfriend style jean shorts from H&M
Accessories: Necklace and watch from my Grandmother; and bracelet (which is actually a watch but can't see the face) is from Strativarius (Spain)
Heels: Urban Outfitter Clogs

Thanks for Reading! 

Friday, March 11


I have found and it is great!  Here are a few things I have been trying to tell myself I don't really need (but really want).

Thursday, March 10


Head to Toe:
Top: Cardigan from Old Navy; Tank from Forever21
Bottom: Skirt from Forever21Shoes: I think they are from Forever 21 as well
Accessories: Necklace from Forever21
... maybe I should have just called this post my outfit is basically all from Forever21...

Thanks for Reading! 

Wednesday, March 9


So I swear I had cute outfits on... I just didn't take pictures of them.  Man, looking at these pictures it looks like I wore the same thing everyday because I'm wearing the same jacket. Hehehe.

Comfy Top

Head to Toe:
Top: Sweater from Sfera BCN
Jacket:  Green Jacket from Zara BCN
Shoes: Coral heels from Forever 21
Accessories: Scarf from Berksha


Head to Toe:
Top: is actually a dress (tricky tricky :P) from Zara BCN
Blazer: H&MBottom: Skirt from H&M
Shoes: Heels from Nordstrom Rack
Accessories: Tights from Nine West
Jewelry: Necklace from Forever 21

Saturday, February 12

and now my new favorite shoes

So, I may have done a bit of shopping since my last post... but one thing that I have been taking into consideration quite a bit whenever I do a bit of window shopping (or real shopping) is taking into consideration how the  new pieces I see will work with what I already have in my closet.  I believe this new way of thinking has been inspired from Kendi from kendieveryday.  I have been an avid follower of her blog for quite a while now.  She does these 30 for 30 remixes where she would take 30 items and remix only those items into 30 outfits (and stylish outfits at that).  Since September, I would say my living situation has been in a sort of limbo. I came here with only two bags that the airport allows and expected to go back to California more or less shortly after thus, allowing me to survive on whatever I brought for that short time.  Now, it is clear that I have been here much longer than anticipated and will actually be staying for at least a year.  So, this is where Kendi comes in. She has demonstrated how one can create many stylish outfits with very little (or at least less than what I am normally used to).