Thursday, January 13

shut eye

Today was an extremely long day... 8:30 to 7:00!!!! But I got a compliment from a complete stranger in the elevator this morning :-)

Head to Toe:
Top: Top from Forever21

Bottom: Skirt from H&M
Shoes:Boot from Urban Outfitters
Accessories: Tights from Costco  

Jewelry: Pearl earrings from Forever21, Watch by Marc Jacobs, Necklace from JC Less

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Tuesday, January 11

light winter blue

I wanted so badly to wear this hat to work, but I believe this would severely cross the somewhat loose work appropriate attire policy that is in place... so I settled on wearing it to work (in the parking lot) and from work (in the parking lot) and for these photos :-)

I adore this hat and definitely need to wear it more often. Not only is it extremely cute but extremely warm for these cold temperatures. 

On a more random note, today was a good day.  Not a wonderful everything is perfect day but a good day.  Everything went well enough and I have no complaints... I like days like that.  Don't get me wrong, I love when days go better than expected but I also like to remind myself about the plain, good days.  

Below is the outfit sans hat.  I am convinced the hat make this outfit way more intriguing. 

Head to Toe:
Top: my new favorite blue collared button up from Zara

Bottom: (or rather underneath) dress from Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Nude Pink pumps from Nordstroms Rack
Accessories: Belt from Zara and tights from... I think Forever21 
Jewelry: Pearl earrings from Forever21, Watch by Marc Jacobs, Necklace from JC Less

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Monday, January 10


Oh man, I am tired from this weekend! And I believe it shows, so I am going to keep this short and simple.  I am basically in-love with this scarf.  I first bought a purple one and then went back and got a red one and then went back and got a black one to replace a black scarf that I already had.  The material is super soft!

Head to Toe:
Top: Gingham Shirt from Forever 21

Bottom: High-waist skirt from H&M
Shoes: Black shiny flats from Nine West
Accessories: Gold Belt from the Portobello Market in London 

Jewelry: Pearl earrings from Forever21 and Watch by Marc Jacobs

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baby it's cold

Mi amor took a couple quick snaps of my casual outfit I wore to work on Friday and then we were off to the mountains for a some snow!!!! And when I say quick... I mean quick hehe I blinked in the first picture, my bad.

We did snowboarding the first day and then our tail bones screamed at us to do skiing the next day... so we skied. 

Head to Toe:
Top: Tank top from H&M España; Black Cardigan from H&M; Blue cardigan from Old Navy 

Pants: Black leggings from Express
Shoes: Black boots from Urban Outfitters
Accessories: Scarf from Stradivarius - Espaã

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Thursday, January 6

I cant take you out of the equation

I apologize for the quality of these pictures... I said that I was going to blog more (as one of my non-new years resolutions) and to do this I must take outfit pictures. The lighting is a tough technique to master.  

Today my boss advised us all to take our laptops home becuase it might snow! I'm a little too excited for that, but perhaps it's because I going to the snow this weekend to learn how to snowboard. That's right SNOW BOARD! Yay!  I believe I need to make a stop at the nearest packing store to buy some buble wrap for my bottom, goodness knows how many times I am going to fall... maybe some wrist pads while we are at. 

Head to Toe:
Top: Teal tank from Ann Taylor, hand-me-down from my sister 

Pants: Wide leg trousers from H&M
Shoes: Grey/Silver heels from Bershka in Spain
Accessories: Belt came with the H&M Pants... lucky me! 

Jewelry: Gold earring from Forever21 and Marc Jacobs Watch from Nordstroms (Best x-mas present from mi amor)

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Wednesday, January 5

the glass is half empty or half full...

Straight after coming home from work!  I'm surprised how well my hair held up!  I finally learned how to skillfully tie the extra part of the belt! And from looking at these pictures... it seems these pants may make me look a bit hip-ier than normal, but I still love them. They are so comfortable. 

Today has been a one of those days where I question "is the cup half full or half empty".  I have been offerred a great opportunity but I am not sure I want to take it, not because the opportunity isn't great but because the location doesn't quite make me happy... decisions, decisions, decisions.  I can't necessarily say I don't like being an adult but I feel like being a kid, I didn't have to make such decisions <sigh>.

Head to Toe:
Top: Zara Button Up Light BLue Oxford Shirt 

Pants: Nordstroms Rack BCBG Navy Blue Pants
Shoes: Nordstroms Rack shoes
Accessories: Belt from Zara... came with some other pants 

Jewelry: HUGE faux peal earrings from Forever21 and Gold chain necklace with pearl from my aunt

Music: Bruno Mars... what can I say, I am addicted to that CD right now
Extra: On the other hand of being adult... I am SUPER excited to be going on a Snow Boarding Trip this weekend. It will be my first time snow boarding.

Tuesday, January 4

cafe cortado

Image Taken Here

I often find myself going to the homepage of to explore those top 40 "News" stories.  Lately, since the New Year (and I'm sure this has always been the case after we reset our clocks and calendars) I have seen a number of articles dedicated to New Year's Resolutions... What ones we should have have, what resolutions are impossible, how to keep our resolutions, statistics on how resolutions never make it past St. Patrick's Day, Gym/weight-loss advice, the new you this year, and the list goes on.

Well, like every New Year's Eve I tell myself I don't want to make any resolutions because ultimately they are too high of a goal.  But like most New Year's Resolutions, it fails to survive the first week. So there goes my anti-resolution resolution and in comes the... fake resolution?

1. Maintain this blog... whether that means posting six days a week or only twice in a month.
2. Take more pictures with my super dupe cool camera I bought with my Graduation money
3. Stress less and smile more (stress less is the part that's got me very... stressed hehe... worried)

4. And as for the photo at the beginning of the blog entry this has something to do with my fourth and final resolution. Enjoy the small things, like the cafe cortado that I used have with my friend from when I studied abroad in Barcelona.  Enjoy the small moments, the small smiles, small pleasure, etc. and I believe that day-to-day things that can get me day won't have such a chance with this new motto, outlook on life, resolution... okay, resolution. 

On a side note, did have a very interesting article about Generation Y. Weirdly enough, this article gave me the same feeling like when I skeptically read an astrological article and it sounds exactly like me... this article does the same thing, but for all those born between 1981 to 1999.

Sounds: it's pretty quiet today
Extra: Yoga at 6AM tomorrow, great way to start the day off!
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Monday, January 3

it has been a while

Hello!  So, I have decided that even though I can not take outfit pictures outside because it is pitch black by the time I get home from work and 7 AM it a bit to early for mi amor to wake up to take pictures that I will take them inside.  

I got a GREAT watch from mi amor for Christmas/Los Reyes Magos.  It is BEA-U-TI-FUL!

Sounds: Bruno Mars CD
Extra: Happy NEW YEAR!
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