Thursday, January 6

I cant take you out of the equation

I apologize for the quality of these pictures... I said that I was going to blog more (as one of my non-new years resolutions) and to do this I must take outfit pictures. The lighting is a tough technique to master.  

Today my boss advised us all to take our laptops home becuase it might snow! I'm a little too excited for that, but perhaps it's because I going to the snow this weekend to learn how to snowboard. That's right SNOW BOARD! Yay!  I believe I need to make a stop at the nearest packing store to buy some buble wrap for my bottom, goodness knows how many times I am going to fall... maybe some wrist pads while we are at. 

Head to Toe:
Top: Teal tank from Ann Taylor, hand-me-down from my sister 

Pants: Wide leg trousers from H&M
Shoes: Grey/Silver heels from Bershka in Spain
Accessories: Belt came with the H&M Pants... lucky me! 

Jewelry: Gold earring from Forever21 and Marc Jacobs Watch from Nordstroms (Best x-mas present from mi amor)

Thanks for reading :~)

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