Wednesday, January 5

the glass is half empty or half full...

Straight after coming home from work!  I'm surprised how well my hair held up!  I finally learned how to skillfully tie the extra part of the belt! And from looking at these pictures... it seems these pants may make me look a bit hip-ier than normal, but I still love them. They are so comfortable. 

Today has been a one of those days where I question "is the cup half full or half empty".  I have been offerred a great opportunity but I am not sure I want to take it, not because the opportunity isn't great but because the location doesn't quite make me happy... decisions, decisions, decisions.  I can't necessarily say I don't like being an adult but I feel like being a kid, I didn't have to make such decisions <sigh>.

Head to Toe:
Top: Zara Button Up Light BLue Oxford Shirt 

Pants: Nordstroms Rack BCBG Navy Blue Pants
Shoes: Nordstroms Rack shoes
Accessories: Belt from Zara... came with some other pants 

Jewelry: HUGE faux peal earrings from Forever21 and Gold chain necklace with pearl from my aunt

Music: Bruno Mars... what can I say, I am addicted to that CD right now
Extra: On the other hand of being adult... I am SUPER excited to be going on a Snow Boarding Trip this weekend. It will be my first time snow boarding.

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