Wednesday, October 27

favorite beaded scarf

I never realized how much I REALLY enjoy all the colors of fall! I forgot how beautiful it is when the trees change colors and all the leaves start to turn that brilliant red and orange color! I will have to take some photos soon!

I believe today was one of those days where I wished I could have sleept in, stayed at home in bed, read a book, watched a movie and just chilled out. Instead, I went to work like a real adult (I only started my first real job about 3 weeks ago!). This is what I wore.

Head to Toe:
Top: Grey sweater with white trim from Sfera (Spain)
Pants: Forrest green bermuda shorts from Gap
Shoes: Muted pink heels from Nordstrom Rack
Accessories: Beaded pink floral scarf from Stradivarius
Jewelry: Pearl drop earrings c/o ModCloth with purchsase

Location: Mi casa
Music: Lay Me Down by Dirty Heads & Sublime
Extra: The laminate flooring my brother-in-law, sister, amor, and I have been working on is almost done in the kitchen and living room! Pictures to be posted soon!

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Monday, October 25

my favorite blue

My casual Friday outfit (posted only a little later than Friday, forgive me, it was my birthday weekend).

Head to Toe:
Top: Urban Outfitters lumberjack button up on sale
Pants: Navy blue pants from Berksha (Spain)
Shoes: Tory Burch cognac leather flats on sale
Accessories: Ray-Ban sunglasses in Demi Brown/Brown Gradient
Jewelry: Jess LC "Be Brave" Necklace and faux pearl earings

Location: Mi casa

Music: Birthday by Kings of Leon (Cause it was my birthday 15 minutes ago!)

Extra: I will be enjoying a free tall beverage at Starbucks thanks to a survey I completed :-) tomorrow morning!

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Sunday, October 24

Tortilla Española

The Spanish tortilla is one of the great comfort foods of Spain! From my own personal experience, most Spaniards will tell you that his grandmother (or mother) makes the best tortilla in Spain. My experience is that any Spaniard makes it better than me!

Tortilla Española was one of my favorite things to eat when I was studying abroad in Barcelona! When made well, the Tortilla Española (Spanish Tortilla) is a half-inch thick cake of fried potatoes, eggs, and onions. The tortilla is cut like a pizza or cut into bite-sized squares.

Here is the recipe:
- 1 Cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- 2 Large Potatoes (peeled and THINLY sliced, like <3mm)
- 4 - 5 Large Eggs
- 1 Medium Yellow Onion (thinly sliced)
- Salt to taste
* Optional Red Pepper (thinly sliced)

1. Heat Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a 9-inch skillet.
2. Add potato slices one at a time (they tend to stick together if you just dump them in the pan)
3. Add onion slices.
4. Cook slowly over a medium flame. Turn occasionally until potatoes are tender (not brown!)
5. Beat eggs in a large bowl.
6. Add salt to taste.
7. Drain potatoes.
8. Add potatoes and onions to eggs and mix gently so that the egg covers the potatoes and onions.
9. Let sit for 10 minutes.
10. Heat 2 Tbsps of Olive Oil in large skillet.
11. Add potato-onion-egg mix into skillet. Spread to completely cover skillet (like a cake batter in a cake pan). SHAKE PAN TO PREVENT STICKING (IMPORTANTE... or rather IMPORTANT)
12. When potatoes start to brown, place a large, flat plate on top of the skillet and flip on to plate. Add 1 Tbsp of Olive Oil into skillet. Slide food back into skillet to cook the other side.
* You are allowed to flip more than once for better cooking, but the pros only flip once :~P

Here are some picture of mi amor cooking Tortilla Española for dinner.

Additional Notes:

Typically, the pros, when making tortilla have a special flipping dish that is also used as a serving dish.

We don't actually have this or a flat plate. We have used a large plate that has a small lip, which seems to work alright but does make the flipping a bit more difficult. It would be a trip if we had one of these!

My favorite place to eat tortilla was at the university that I studied at. They put a strip of the tortilla on a small fresh baguette (MMMmmm my mouth is watering remembering it!). The best tortilla I have ever had, with the exception of the two Albert made, is the tortilla that my Spanish-English conversation partner & friend's Mom made for el día de los reyes magos (the three magic kings). Mmmmm.

Location: Mi casa

Sounds: Mi amor in the shower and laundry going

Extra: Had a great birthday weekend!

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Thursday, October 21

Fire Trucks, Pumpkin Patches, & a Weekend of Fun

This past Saturday my sister's family, mi amor, and I went to a Fire House Open House. My brother-in-law volunteers at this fire house (he is a life member, fancy huh?!).

The open house was pretty amazing. The fireman displayed an example of a bedroom that has fire sprinklers and a bedroom without sprinklers. It makes a HUUUUGE difference if you don't have sprinklers (at least according to the demonstration). The fireman also create a car accident demonstration. They used the Jaws-of-Life to cut the car apart and get to the interior to "rescue" one of their Fire(wo)man.

No Sprinklers vs Sprinklers


These are my style photos for the day :-) Please take note that in the first photo. There is a large fire truck with the number 27; his truck was used in the new Transformers movie!

After the Fire House Open House, my sister's work had a hay ride and bon fire at a local orchard. It was beautiful! The orchard was set on 600 acres. The orchard was stunning. I forgot how much I LOVE the colors of the trees changing colors! The apples in the picture below were given to us by the orchard and let me tell you, I believe this apple is my new favorite kind of apple!

Head to Toe:
Jacket: Leather/Pleather jacket from Stradivarius (Spain)
Jacket 2: American Apparel charcoal/grey hooded zip-up sweatshirt
Dress: Floral black peasant-ish dress from Stradivarius (Spain)
Bottom: Black leggings from H&M (I think); dark grey leg warmers from I don't know where
Shoes: Brown leather boots from J.Crew

Location: Mi casa

Music: or rather television show, New CSI Las Vegas

Extra: SUPER excited for my birthday and for the weekend!

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Thursday, October 14


So I noticed in the documentation of my outfits that I tend to wear at least one piece of clothing that is black, if not more, with every outfit. Hmmm...

Anyway, I was quite content yesterday with my dress choice. I received several compliments on the print of the dress. This made me quite happy especially since this dress purchase was made on the way to the cashier line at Nordstroms Rack (which gets dreadfully long) and I didn't even try it on! Oh, and did I mention it was on super discount!

The next pictures are the outfit I wore today at work. Lately I had been wearing only flats and outfits that allowed me to bend low, stand up on counters and be up on my feet for 8 hours... that sounds odd. Well, this week at work I was in charge of cleaning the Conference Room that we use as storage/work space. This room, I believe, had not been organized/cleaned since like the beginning of 2009. There was a lot to do! I enjoyed cleaning and organizing everything (I love organizing!). And that brings me back to my outfit choice for today, HEELS! Yay! I was able to wear them to work because I had finished all the physical organization. All I had left to do today was to document everything in Excel. Oh, and by the way, the BCBG harem pants I'm wearing are THE most comfortable pants ever!

This weekend should be a lot of fun. I'm actually pretty excited for all the activities. My sister, her husband, her two children, his two children, mi amor, and I will be going to my brother-in-law's volunteer fire house for an open house on Saturday afternoon. Saturday evening we will be going on a pumpkin patch hay ride, which I haven't done in ages. I believe this will mi amor's first time for this sort of thing.

This will be a great weekend to continue experimenting with my new camera. Yay!

Head to Toe:
Jacket: Pea Coat from H&M (Spain)
Top: Floral Lace top from Old Navy & black Costco tanktop underneath
Bottom: BCBG navy blue harem pants with black belt and gold buckle
Shoes: Charcoal heels from Berksha (Spain)

Location: Mi casa

Music: or rather television show, New CSI Las Vegas

Extra: Excited for this weekend

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Tuesday, October 12

Mind the Gap

Have you heard or seen the buzz about the Gap, the clothing retailer's logo?

After a weird logo week for Gap, they decided to stick to the true & old with its decades-old white-on-navy blue logo in the end. The company swapped the classic logo online for a new logo without mentioning a word! I believe it's okay to say that many fans were not just irritated but disgruntled with such an ugly, ill-fit logo. In an uproar many fans (and graphic designers) of Gap took to online to complain about the unannounced change.

The "new" logo displayed black text on a white background next to a little blue box above and below the "p" in Gap (pictured below).

After 20 years, Gap decided to rebrand and introduce a new logo. This has me wondering as someone interested in Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations, how this re-branding can make or break a company. Why change an already classic and well-known logo? And if change is necessary, how to make the change an relatively easy and smooth process?

Additionally, specifically to Gap, why change only the US online store and keep the UK stores and Facebook page untouched?

I understand Gap is moving towards a new modern look with their clothes but should the logo be revamped as well?

Perhaps, this is just a publicity stunt or even a way for free work... create an awful logo and then ask its customers to create something better. In any case, Gap is back to the Blue Box as of last night.

Sunday, October 10

Old Navy

My sister and I made a trip to the local Old Navy store for the sweet sale... the closest Old Navy happened to be opening on 7:00am... and we were on top of it! I believe we made off like bandits!

Additionally, mi amor, Albert got me my birthday present a few days early! The lovely bag you see in the pictures is my new camera bag! It has pretty good cushion on the sides and extra padding on the bottom. I love it so much because it doesn't look like a camera bad at all! It fits my camera, my wallet, my cell phone, and my sunglasses, PERFECT! (The empty space to the right of my stuff in the picture below is where the camera would go but mi amor is using it to take this picture :-) The only complaint I have about the bag is the clasp to close the camera is just a magnetic closure, which makes me a bit uneasy. I'm thinking about going to someone and seeing if they can place buckles that the straps could be put into...

And speaking of Old Navy, has anyone seen the new logo for Gap!? I believe I am not too thrilled with it!

Head to Toe:
Top: Old Navy black tank top on Sale!
Pants: Old Navy jeans on Clearance w/ percentage off that price!
Shoes: Black shiny flats form Nine West
Accessories: Camera bag
Jewelry: Earrings from my grandma and ring from Berksha (Spain)

Location: Mi casa

Music: Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

Extra: I need to try the Pumpkin Latte at Starbucks

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Thursday, October 7

Plastic Boxes

Today was tough at work. My hands are proof to that.

Today at work my (and my co-workers') job was to assemble 520 (I think is was only 520) plastic box displays for these perfume box samples/gift cards. And lemmetellyou the plastic can cut you! I think I may desparetly need an at-home manicure this weekend to make up to my poor hands. My cuticles... I have never seen so dried and worn. I have a whole new understanding of manual labor.

Okay, back to this quick-ish posting. This will be my first attempt to recreate what I oh-so-love about all the fashion blogs that I follow. This is my fashion post.

Head to Toe:
Scarfs: Black H&M scarf; White Scarf from I don't know
Top: Yellow Cardigan from Urban Outfitters; Tank from Forever21
Skirt: High-waist and belted shorts from H&M; Tights from I don't know
Shoes: Black shiny flats form Nine West
Jewelry: Faux peral earrings probably from Forever21

Location: Mi casa

Music: or rather sound coming from my amor's playstation

Extra: I checked off everything on my to-do list today Yay :-)

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Tuesday, October 5

“The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times”

I just finished reading a book called The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I must say I am a bit ashamed that I have only just now read the book. My good friend, Cassie, gave me this book, translated in Spanish before I left in 2008 on my Education Abroad experience. I believe that I misplaced the copy of the book she gave me while I was living with my host-Mexican family. Although, to this day, I still question how I could have lost it in the small room I was staying in. Anyway, I lost the book and I was already on my way to Spain when I realized I didn’t have it.

I’m not sure why I never thought to buy the book in FNAC, Barcelona’s equivalent to Borders, where I’m sure they sold it in Spanish.

Shortly upon arriving in the U.S., I began summer school at Berkeley. While shopping on, amazon, and I remembered this book that she had given me. But for the life of me I could not remember the name of it. After about an hour of searching, I figured out the title of the book in English, The Alchemist. I bought that summer, however, I did not read it.

More than a year later, I finally opened the book up and tackled it... Not that it really needed to be “tackled”.

I believe it must be noted that before beginning to read this book, I had already been debating, playing with the idea, brainstorming ideas of my future blog. Upon reading the introduction of this book, I knew that I had the topic for my first post.

The Alchemist takes you on a journey of a shepherd named Santiago who follows his “personal calling”. In the introduction of my version of the book explains that the personal calling is God’s blessing. It is “...the path that God chose for you here on Earth.” Anything that we do that gives us enthusiasm is something that we are supposed to do in our conquest for out personal legend. However, not everyone follows their personal legend because we need a courage to tackle our own dream.

There are four obstacles that can keep you from your personal calling.

  1. Layers of prejudice, fear, and guilt lead us to believe that our personal calling is impossible.
  2. Fear of hurting those around us by abandoning them in order to pursue our dream. What we don’t recognize is that the people who love us most are the people that will genuinely want us to be happy and will accompany us on our particular personal legend journey.
  3. Fear of defeat. We can’t fall back on the excuse that “I didn’t really want that anyway” when we face a certain failure. BUT an important reminder is that defeats and failures are sometimes and always necessary. “The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times”
  4. The dear of realizing the dream for which we fought all our lives.

Now, I don’t believe beginning this blog is my personal calling but I do believe that it will bring me closer to what may be my personal calling... or at least a path or direction to which I can begin since ending a very important chapter (or maybe book) of my life, Ed-u-ma-cation.

Post thoughts: In the prologue of the book, there is a short story about an alchemist that reads a story about the legend of Narcissus. This small portion reminds me of a few sayings:

  • "In the people that you love, you see a bit of yourself reflected. "
  • "You'll be known by the company you keep."

Do you know any quotes that reflect the same sort of feeling?

*Photo taken at my table in Literati Café

Location: Literati Café in Los Angeles

Music: Songs played by Café

Extra: Chai Latte

***NOTE: I actually wrote this blog Aug 21st but I have had a bit of trouble really getting the blog started... i.e. I wasn't feeling confident enough to actually kick off the blog, but look, HEY I actually did start it (even if it's over a month later, but who's counting, right!?)

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