Thursday, October 21

Fire Trucks, Pumpkin Patches, & a Weekend of Fun

This past Saturday my sister's family, mi amor, and I went to a Fire House Open House. My brother-in-law volunteers at this fire house (he is a life member, fancy huh?!).

The open house was pretty amazing. The fireman displayed an example of a bedroom that has fire sprinklers and a bedroom without sprinklers. It makes a HUUUUGE difference if you don't have sprinklers (at least according to the demonstration). The fireman also create a car accident demonstration. They used the Jaws-of-Life to cut the car apart and get to the interior to "rescue" one of their Fire(wo)man.

No Sprinklers vs Sprinklers


These are my style photos for the day :-) Please take note that in the first photo. There is a large fire truck with the number 27; his truck was used in the new Transformers movie!

After the Fire House Open House, my sister's work had a hay ride and bon fire at a local orchard. It was beautiful! The orchard was set on 600 acres. The orchard was stunning. I forgot how much I LOVE the colors of the trees changing colors! The apples in the picture below were given to us by the orchard and let me tell you, I believe this apple is my new favorite kind of apple!

Head to Toe:
Jacket: Leather/Pleather jacket from Stradivarius (Spain)
Jacket 2: American Apparel charcoal/grey hooded zip-up sweatshirt
Dress: Floral black peasant-ish dress from Stradivarius (Spain)
Bottom: Black leggings from H&M (I think); dark grey leg warmers from I don't know where
Shoes: Brown leather boots from J.Crew

Location: Mi casa

Music: or rather television show, New CSI Las Vegas

Extra: SUPER excited for my birthday and for the weekend!

Thanks for reading :~)

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