Tuesday, January 4

cafe cortado

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I often find myself going to the homepage of yahoo.com to explore those top 40 "News" stories.  Lately, since the New Year (and I'm sure this has always been the case after we reset our clocks and calendars) I have seen a number of articles dedicated to New Year's Resolutions... What ones we should have have, what resolutions are impossible, how to keep our resolutions, statistics on how resolutions never make it past St. Patrick's Day, Gym/weight-loss advice, the new you this year, and the list goes on.

Well, like every New Year's Eve I tell myself I don't want to make any resolutions because ultimately they are too high of a goal.  But like most New Year's Resolutions, it fails to survive the first week. So there goes my anti-resolution resolution and in comes the... fake resolution?

1. Maintain this blog... whether that means posting six days a week or only twice in a month.
2. Take more pictures with my super dupe cool camera I bought with my Graduation money
3. Stress less and smile more (stress less is the part that's got me very... stressed hehe... worried)

4. And as for the photo at the beginning of the blog entry this has something to do with my fourth and final resolution. Enjoy the small things, like the cafe cortado that I used have with my friend from when I studied abroad in Barcelona.  Enjoy the small moments, the small smiles, small pleasure, etc. and I believe that day-to-day things that can get me day won't have such a chance with this new motto, outlook on life, resolution... okay, resolution. 

On a side note, yahoo.com did have a very interesting article about Generation Y. Weirdly enough, this article gave me the same feeling like when I skeptically read an astrological article and it sounds exactly like me... this article does the same thing, but for all those born between 1981 to 1999.

Sounds: it's pretty quiet today
Extra: Yoga at 6AM tomorrow, great way to start the day off!
Thanks for reading :~)

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