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shoe addiction

It has been a while since my last post... I believe it does make it a bit more difficult to take pictures with the time change. Dark at 5:00 PM seems unreal and it give me such a bummer when leaving work Monday through Friday at 5:30 in pitch black darkness. Not to mention, I do believe I am one of those kinds of people who like to be awake when the sun is up... getting up at 7:00 AM with the sun already out and bright doesn't always make me feel like I am starting my day right.

Any who, since outfit posts can't be taken in the dark, I will post about my shoe lust. I have ALWAYS been a show fanatic. When I lived in Maryland in middle school, my shoe collection consisted of Nike Jordans (XVII's were my favorite) and Nike Air Force Ones (and the Nelly song begins to play in my head) in a multitude of colors. I believe I had red, pink, yellow, blue, black, and purple... oh and I forgot to mention my beige Timberlands and my grey Timberlands, along with my white classic reeboks and black classic reeboks. My collection was very well kept. My Tims were kept pristine with a brush and cleaning solution and my Nikes were kept white with shoe paint and kept clean with shoe cleaner (and a tooth brush).

In high school in California, I retired my tennis shoe love for flips flops, sandals, and thongs (the shoe ; P). I had every color of flip flop and tried out every popular brand that could be found in my little town on the Central Coast. 

Now, I believe I have matured in my show collection. I have semi-retired my love for flip flops and tennis shoes and replaced this love for sandals, boots, and heels. 

Since I am trying to save money, I have been online window shopping for weeks now (quite possibly the worst kind of shopping for me because it's so easy to add the items to a shopping cart and look only 1-click away from a complete order). Here are the few I LUST for. 

From Aldo Shoes: HEFTER - Ankle boots (currently $69.99)
I love that I like these shoes in black... and background information to that statement is that if a boot ever comes in a brown or cognac color and black, I am almost ALWAYS going to like in the brown or cognac color over black. I also like that fact that it has faux fur... living on the west coast for so long I have become THE BIGGEST wimp to cold weather (and it is getting pretty cold here). And did I mention I also like that these are on sale!?
Picture c/o 
From Aldo Shoes: WOOTAN - Ankle, lace-up boots (currently $140)
I absolutely love these boots. I love the faux-fur, the lace-up, the smallish, stacked heel. I do not like the price tag.
Picture c/o

From Aldo Shoes: RATIKOVICH - Ankle boots (currently $62.99)
I often share my lust for any clothing, shoe, or accessory item to one of my best friends Liz. We are like two peas in a pod when it comes to this kind of stuff. So, when I was showing her all these shoes, she actually found me these pair. And I do believe that I love these more than then the above pair because I love the zipper and buckle combo. I am not feeling the heel so much because I have been focusing on a boot with heel that I could walk around in all day (not just 3 hours). I also saw that these are open-toed shoes... which seems like an oxymoron since the show has faux-fur but then an open toe... are we going for warm feet and cold toes people?
Picture c/o

From Aldo Shoes: LARNER - Mid-calf, lace-up boots (currently $80)  
I like that these have the stacked heel and the lace-up, no faux-fur though.
Picture c/o
 From Steve Madden: TIMBURR - Ankle, cuffed boot (currently $169.95)
My experience from raiding the Steve Madden shoe website is that the shoe pictures on this site remind me of Bratz dolls (the dolls with the obscenely large heads and tiny bodies). These shoes all seem to be picture with HUGE toes and smaller ankle parts... but when I see the picture of the show on a model, the shoes look more normal... weird.

Picture c/o of

 From Aldo shoes: BOTKINS - Get-em high heels with frills (currently $41.99)
I love the folds on the back of the heel.

 From Steve Madden: CARRYSA - Nude platform pump (currently $89.95) 
There is something about a nude heel that I really like. I don't know if I particularly like these ones so much as I just really, really want my own perfect nude heel.

From Urban Outffiters: UO SUEDE PUMP - Red suede pump (currently $49)
These are perfect. The heel is great. The color pops. They look comfortable. And I have already seen some of my favorite fashion bloggers rock these with a TON of outfits. Here is one of them:

From Steve Madden: SABRA - Over-the-knee zipper & buckle boot (currently $199) 
I saw these perfect boots in a Victoria's Secret Catalogue and from then on, it was love at first sight (minus the whopping price tag of $299!). Since then, the price has gone down but I still can seem to find a good enough excuse as to why I could/would spend $200 on a pari of Steve Maddens.

From Urban Outfitters: SEYCHELLES PEEPTOE WRAP HEEL - Heel (currently $98)
These just scream to me "wear me now"!

From Urban Outfitters: ECOTE PLATFORM CLOG - Clog (currently $58)
I don't believe I have ever found a more perfect pair of clogs since I first realized clogs were a fashion thing now-a-days. I believe these would look absolutely perfectly nice with a pair of skinny jeans and that nice old t-shirt and a cardigan (basically my go-to style... minus the clogs... since I don't have them... hehe).

And I believe this concludes my shoe frenzy post (but most definitely not my shoe addiction).

What shoes do you like? What do you lust after?

EDIT: And I forgot to mention, I lust a lot of shoes but it takes me forever to actually buy one pair.

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